Coffee Fundraiser

Some time back, Lisa and Pat attended a seminar about entrepreneurs and how they got started and what made them stand out in the crowd when so many others fail.  It was a real eye-opening experience for both of us, but the real eye-opener literally came during the break when Lisa tried a free sample of Ethiopian coffee offered by Joe Bean Coffee Roasters.  Hesitant because she had never had Ethiopian coffee, Lisa found herself absolutely amazed at the smooth full flavor of the coffee.  "I just had THE best cup of coffee I've ever had in my life," Lisa told me when we met up again for the next class.

A few weeks later, while out in the Webster area, Lisa decided to stop in at the Joe Bean Coffee Roasters store because she was still intrigued with that perfect cup of coffee.  She came home with two bags of coffee -- one caffeinated and one decaffeinated.  Pat immediately fell in love with the coffee as well and, the rest is history.

Imagine our delight when we found we could do a fundraiser for Joe Bean Coffee!  Coffee we love and are passionate about, and an opportunity to help a newly established local business get their product out into the community, and an opportunity to raise money for our own new business.  What greater partnership could there be?

Why Joe Bean Coffee?
  • They are a local business so your money stays locally
  • Their coffee is specially roasted in small batches
  • They provide superior Fair-Trade Organic coffee 
    • Fair Trade is an alternative way of doing business—one that builds equitable, long-term partnerships between consumers and producers. Fair Trade Organizations work primarily with small worker-owned and democratically run cooperatives and associations, which bring significant benefits to workers and their communities.  The additional money fair trade relationships bring into a community can be used directly to build health clinics, schools, improved water systems and even significant improvements to the coffee farms. Also, fair trade wages allows families to continue working small rural community farms instead of abandoning them to work in city jobs; thus keeping the continuity of the areas communities. 
    • Organic coffee is grown without using pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. Organic techniques focus on maintaining good soil quality and plant health as the most effective means of boosting productivity and protection against disease. Typically, organic farmers fertilize with compost, and use disease-resistant mulch. Crops are rotated and plantations are interspersed with fruit and nut trees to ensure that the soil is replenished regularly with nutrients. As a result, the land can remain fertile for coffee production for generations, which prevents farmers from having to cut down trees to clear new land. Organic coffee is often grown on small, family-owned farms that also benefit economically from having these secondary crops. In addition, although organic farming is more labor-intensive, certified organic coffee growers are paid an average of 15 cents more per pound for their product than they would be for conventional beans.

    So, without further adieu, here are your choices:

    • Joe Bean's Breakfast Blend (FTO) -- 12 oz. bag, $11.95 ea. or 2 or more $11.50/bag
      •  A full-bodied yet smooth blend of Central and South American coffees; a perfect start to your day.
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    • Colombian Excelso Supremo (FTO) -- 12 oz. bag, $11.95 ea. or 2 or more $11.50/bag
      •  Bright orange and caramel overtones are layered over deep berry and nut
        undertones with a touch of cinnamon. A sweet, complex cup.
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    • Guatemala Quiche Chajul (FTO) -- 12 oz. bag, $11.95 ea. or 2 or more $11.50/bag
      • Rich, with smoky overtones, balanced with spicy notes and slight
        undertones of dark chocolate and licorice.
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    •  Sumatra KBQ (FTO) -- 12 oz. bag, $11.95 ea. or 2 or more $11.50/bag
      • A full-bodied earthy, sweet coffee.
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    • Jamaican Me Crazy (FT) -- 12 oz. bag, $11.95 ea. or 2 or more $11.50/bag
      • A smooth, bright coffee enhanced with cinnamon, pecan and rum flavors.
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    • Cinnamon Hazlenut (FT) -- 12 oz. bag, $11.95 ea. or 2 or more $11.50/bag
      • A well-balanced blend of coffees with natural chocolate tones, enhanced with cinnamon and hazelnut flavoring.
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    • Joe Bean Blend Decaf (FTO) -- 12 oz. bag, $12.95 ea. or 2 or more $12.50/bag
      •  A pleasant, well-balanced cup, with a delicious aroma and a medium body. A classic morning coffee.

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     (FTO) = Fair Trade Organic   (FT) = Fair Trade

    You are purchasing a pre-order -- that is, you will order the coffee and will receive it at a later date once there is enough to fill a minimum order from the roaster.  We will make every attempt to fill your order within three weeks' time.  If we are unable to fill your order in that time, we will contact you to give you the opportunity to either cancel your order for a full refund, or keep your order placed.