Wish List

As you can see, there are a lot of items needed for a successful farm.  Those noted with an asterisk (*) are essential, the others would be nice to have but aren't necessarily essential for day-to-day operations.

*Small garden tractor (the size of a riding lawnmower but NOT a lawnmower)
*Paint brushes
*Tomato stakes
*Tomato cages
*Drag harrow
*Disc harrow
*Tote bags
Reusable bags
Folding chairs
Folding tables
*Hand cultivators
*Hand weeders
*Field knives
*5 Gallon water containers
*Portable (PVC) garage
*Market (easy up) tent
*Fence posts
*Post hole digger
*Hand tools
Garbage cans
*Storage bins
*Wooden palettes
*1/2" Hoses
*Oscillating sprinklers
Food scale
Knee pads
*Pruning tools
Industrial push broom
*Pitch forks
Heavy duty chain
*Trellis wire
*Floral netting
*Rubbermaid/plastic tubs
*Soaker hoses
Backpack sprayer
*Bulb planters
Flame weeder
*1/2" PVC pipe
*Landscape fabric
Heavy duty wagon
*Dumping wagon (tow behind)
*Motorized tiller/cultivator
Hoop house/greenhouse
Electric utility cart
*Floating row covers